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Brand: Cenforce
Original Cenforce 10x200mgSteroidenonline also offers you a wide range of libido products. Cenforce 200mg is currently one of the best known and strongest viagra's on the market. We obtain this Viagra directly from the pharmacy in India Centurion Labs, where this product is produced. The cenforce is..
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Brand: Pfizer
Pfizer cabergoline 20x1mgPfizer's Cabergoline also known as dostinex is original from the Turkish pharmacy. We obtain the products from the pharmacy directly from the pharmacy suppliers. This means we always guarantee our customers 100% original products. A form of gynecomastia can occur during a cu..
Brand: Abdi-Ibrahim
T4 50x100mcg Abdi Ibrahim T4 from Abdi Ibrahim is a preparation for weight loss. This is a lighter version than the T3. This is the original t4 from the Turkish pharmacy...
Brand: Abdi-Ibrahim
T3 Tiromel 100x25mcg Abdi IbrahimT3 Abdi Ibrahim is a weight loss product. Generally intended to combat the phenomenon of hypothyroidism and in extreme cases thyroid cancer. The active substance in T3 is Triiodothyronine, it works by stimulating the growth and production of: proteins, glucose and fa..
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Brand: Apotheek
Insulin Novorapid 300iuInsulin from Novorapid is a polypeptide composed of 51 amino acids. The insulin hormone controls the level of the blood glucose level. The anabolic effect of insulin is an improved absorption of amino acids, glucose and fats in the body. In combination with other hormones such..
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