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HCG / Pregnyl 5000iu Mactropin

HCG / Pregnyl 5000iu Mactropin
HCG / Pregnyl 5000iu Mactropin
HCG / Pregnyl 5000iu Mactropin
HCG / Pregnyl 5000iu Mactropin
HCG / Pregnyl 5000iu Mactropin
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HCG / Pregnyl 5000iu from Mactropin directly available from stock! Our online shop has HCG / pregnyl from Mactropin for your recovery. Mactropin's HCG has a UPIC code to verify the originality of the product on the supplier's website.

Using steroids can lower and possibly block the production of testosterone in your body. HCG Mactropin is a peptide in the form of a hormone. The HCG hormone supports ovulation in women and men use it in the bodybuilding scene to stimulate the production of testosterone. Mactropin HCG is therefore very important for your recovery and to reduce the chance of permanent and adverse changes in the male reproductive system. HCG from Mactropin contains 1 vial with 5000iu units and 1 vial with water 2 ml.

Effect of HCG Mactropin

  • The production of your natural testosterone is stimulated and reproduced.
  • You prevent kidney failure when you use HCG.
  • HCG also stimulates the endocrine system.

Dosage HCG Mactropin

Mactropin HCG should be injected into the abdominal fat through an injection using insulin needles. We at recommend injecting 1000 units per injection to boost your natural testosterone in a short time. You should inject such an HCG injection 2 to 3 times a week. You can also choose to start HCG during the last 2-3 weeks of your course. This will make your recovery even more effective;

Side effects with HCG Mactropin

In general, you will experience little to no side effects with Mactropin's HCG. If side effects occur, it is mainly:

  • You may experience a mild headache.
  • Excessive sweating of the hands and feet.
  • Breathing problems or wheezing.
  • Light pressure on the chest.

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